About TFK

TFK is a locally owned business, established in 2004. Owner and Chief Instructor Keith A. Mutch has been teaching martial arts for over 22 years.

TFK offers:
  • Experienced, patient instructors,
  • Opportunities for community involvement and personal development,
  • 'Just for fun' activities like Movie Nights
  • A friendly, supportive atmosphere,
  • Programs for people aged 4 to adult,
  • Multiple class times for your convenience,
  • A spacious, clean facility in a convenient location with ample parking.

The Courage of Compassion

The more confident you are in your ability to defend yourself, the more reasoned and compassionate you can be in your response to a challenging situation.

When a conflict or challenge arises, the mind and body training our students receive allows them to respond rather than just react, whether the challenge is a bully, a bad day at work, or a violent confrontation.

Commitment to Community

Keith has been teaching and living in Torrington for over 20 years. Supporting and being a part of our community is important to us at TFK. Learn more!



Keith A. Mutch

Owner & Chief Instructor

Keith has been teaching martial arts for 25 years, and opened Torrington Family Kempo in 2004.

Certified Instructors

Certified instructors have put in dozens of hours on the floor and off and met our rigorous requirements for certification.


Our Student Team of Role Models assist our instructors in class, gaining valuable leadership experience while passing on their knowledge to our lower-ranking kids.


Kempo & Karate

Kempo and Karate are the core of our below-black belt curriculum.
Kempo is a practical martial art that focuses on close combat, low, targeted kicks, and detailed hand techniques

Karate ("empty hand"), with its straightforward linear striking style and focus on power, is an important element of our foundational curriculum.


Shaolin is characterized by its use of naturalistic techniques derived from observations of how different animals fight. Training in elements of Shaolin is an important part of our above-black belt curriculum.

Chin Na

"Chin Na" is a system of control and compliance (the words translate as chin-"seize" and na-"control") used in conjunction with many Chinese arts. Chin Na is a close combat style that provides the means to control an attacker without necessarily inflicting serious injury.

Tai chi

Tai chi is great for reducing stress and increasing flexibilty and circulation. For students in our regular martial arts training program, tai chi is a great supplement, helping develop balance, groundedness, relaxed power and a deeper understanding of the non-linear, deflecting techniques that are the focus of our advanced curriculum.